New Books


a tale of the knight who had a toothache

Once upon a time there lived a knight who loved to eat candies. Treacherous candies hurt the knight’s teeth and he decided to fight them with his sword.










the adventures of the itsy-bitsies

Itsy-bitsy family live in a world just like ours, it’s just that they are very tiny, thus everything seems much bigger to them and is both more exciting and dangerous.











whale's vote

Whale and Buzzfly – these are nicknames the grandfather and the granddaughter have given to each other. Tomorrow is the election day and Buzzfly is concerned that her parents don’t take this event seriously enough. She locks the family inside their apartment and throws the only key out of the window.









the dog who found sorrow

Black smoke and clouds suddenly take over the city causing sadness for its inhabitants. Every colour and scent has disappeared. A brave dog takes a ladder and climbs up to the sky to see what’s wrong. It turns out the clouds are filled with very sad beings called Sorrows. The dog takes out his harmonica and starts playing it to lighten the mood.