• author: various
  • illustrator: various

size: 14,5 x 10,5 cm

year: 2014

sold out

The idea of ‘painting the old poems in new colours’ is the brain-child of the artist Rūta Briede who thought of it while reading to her little daughter her own favourite childhood poem books. While the size of the bickie-buck books is small, the amount of work done by each of the artists is enormous. In the series, poems once much loved by parents or grandparents as children are re-discovered by an artist and presented to the children of today in a completely new look. The books are numbered for more convenient collecting in your home library:


Nr.43. Aspazija un Rainis. On the Bud and Leafs. Illustrated by Rūta Briede;

Nr.44. Aleksandrs Čaks. The spring in the city. Illustrated by Guntars Sietiņš;

Nr.45. Māris Čaklais. The Little Sun with Teeth. Illustrated by Pēteris Līdaka; 

Nr.46. Arvīds Grigulis. The First Little Line. Illustrated by Ieva Maurīte; 

Nr.47. Rūta Skujiņa. Zintis. Illustrated by Andra Otto-Hvoinska; 

Nr.48. Aivars Neibarts. The Chimneys. Illustrated by Zane Oborenko.


The book’s logo features the time when each poem was written: pre-1940; between 1940 and 1990; after 1990.