a tale of the knight who had a toothache

  • Author: Sergej Timofejev
  • Illustrator: Rūta Briede

isbn: 978-9934-574-14-6

size: 160x200mm

quantity: 40 p.

year: 2018

price: 9.00 €

Once upon a time there lived a knight who loved to eat candies. Treacherous candies hurt the knight’s teeth and he decided to fight them with his sword. Even though he had destroyed all candies in the kingdom his teeth didn’t stop hurting. Eventually the knight had to take an advice from a little girl and go see a dentist. When the toothache was cured, the knight decided to change his career and begun to develop sugar-free candies.

This fairytale has also been staged in the Latvian Puppet Theatre.
















Sergej Timofejev (1970) is a poet, journalist, translator, and DJ. He is the author of seven poetry collections. His poems are translated into English, Italian, Swedish, German, Ukrainian, and other languages, and he actively participates in poetry festivals around the world. He is one of the founders of multimedia poetry project Orbita – a creative group of poets and artists, whose works create dialogue among various genres (literature, music, video, photography, VJ, web, etc.) and cultures. Sergej Timofejev lives in Riga, writes in Russian, publishes his texts in bilingual Russian-Latvian books and continues to mix modern poetry with other art-forms and media. This is his debut in children’s literature.

















Rūta Briede (1984) illustrates books, draws comics, contributes to puppet theatre productions, and teaches students at the Latvian Academy of Art. Her ideas, passion and work as the artistic editor for the picture book series BICKI-BUCK BOOKS have attracted a new generation of illustrators to children’s publishing, given new courage to experienced veterans, and inspired artists to write the text of their own picture books. She has received the International Jānis Baltvilks prize 2017 for the best debut.