adventures of pingus posts audio book

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • sound arrangement: Ingus Baušķenieks
  • read by Zane Daudziņa un Vilis Daudziņš

isbn: 978-9984-9846-9-8

size: 12,4 x 14 cm

year: 2007

price: 3.50 €

An audio book in which the fairytale about Pingus Posts is told by the actors Zane Daudziņa and Vilis Daudziņš.

Pingus lives in Riga and all of his adventures take place in specific locations of the Latvian capital, including the Zoo. Ingus Baušķenieks has arranged a variety of characteristic sounds and noises for the audio book, making the listener feel as if they were walking along the streets of Riga.