adventures of two princeses

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • illustrator: Irēna Lūse

isbn: 978-9984-820-28-6

size: 21 x 25 cm

quantity: 48 pages

year: 2010

first edition sold out

The poem cycle is dedicated to the exciting life of two little girls; they feel like real princesses, and nature throughout the course of changing seasons is their magnificent kingdom. The rulers in it are the serious Dad the King and Mum the Queen; however, the princesses play the most important role here. They run for a roll in the meadow where their subjects are blooming; make the decision on how many legs their kitten would have; dance around in snowfall dresses and shoes on icicle heels; find a bug city in an oak-tree and go for a ride on autumn leaf steeds.
The poem cycle has seen two ‘premieres’ – as a poem calendar and a song cycle by Arturs Maskats, performed at the Schoolchildren Song and Dance Celebration in summer 2010. Now published as a poem book, the cycle is expanded with new poems and illustrations.