anny of the lake

  • author: Kitty Crowther
  • illustrator: Kitty Crowther
  • translator: Gita Grīnberga

isbn: 978-9984-820-56-9

size: 16,7 x 24 cm

quantity: 48 pages

year: 2012

price: 7,10 €

The book was written by Kitty Crowther, the 2010 winner of the ‘Children’s Nobel Prize’ – the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA).

Anny of the Lake ("Annie du lac") is a mysterious and humane fairytale. Starting off on a sad note, it goes on to surprise with a miracle of imagination capable of transforming the mundaneness of everyday life and comes to an unexpected and happy ending. Anny is big and clumsy, neither quite pretty nor plain; her nose is likewise large and long. Since the death of her mother, she lives completely alone by a lake with three small islands and spends her days fishing and feeling sad. Is there perhaps someone else like her, living on the other side of the lake? Anny does not even wish to find out: she is afraid of disappointment… One night, she finally decides to put an end to her loneliness; she rows her boat to the middle of the lake, jumps into the water… and yet it is not the end by far. Anny discovers the mystery of the three little islands: what they actually are is three giants put under a spell. To dispel the curse, they need Anny’s help: they ask her to show them the way to the sea. That night, a journey towards a beautiful and happy beginning starts and Anny learns to smile again.

Kitty Crowther’s work belongs to the genre of so-called cross-over literature which, like many traditional folk tales, lends itself to interpretation on a number of age and comprehension levels, representing a current contemporary trend: picture books are no longer for young children alone.
Kitty Crowther has a special talent for depicting people hit by difficulties with profound sensitivity; she demonstrates ways of transforming weakness into strength. Her artistic skills are steeped in humanity and compassion.