aunt Dill

  • Author: Kārlis Vērdiņš
  • Illustrator: Rebeka Lukošus

isbn: 978-9934-574-22-1

size: 170x240mm

quantity: 44 p.

year: 2018

price: 8.00 €

Aunt Dill is a dilettante who loves to write rhymes and takes them with her in a bag everywhere she goes. She wants to read her rhymes to others, but no-one wants to listen to them - not even the aliens! When she tries to read her rhymes to school kids in a classroom, she gets arrested by the police. It turns out to be a very fortunate turn of events as one of the policeman falls in love with Aunt Dill, her rhymes and they get married.

This witty story is written as one long poem in rhymes and a very clear and dynamic plot. The third Vērdiņš’ poetry book for children is a crossover, for only the adolescents and adults will be able to fully appreciate his irony about the wannabe poet Aunt Dill.


Kārlis Vērdiņš (1978) is one of the few authors who shows in his poems (written both for grown-ups and children) how seriously he takes the fact that life is funny and because of all our own seriousness we are funny, too. A stale cheese sandwich can embody love as much as a rose and Dad can be very childish. Vērdiņš’ poems make children become aware of life’s very real risks, while still having a good laugh.


Rebeka Lukošus (1995) is studying painting in the Art Academy of Latvia and successfully taking her first steps in book illustration. She is working with oil pastels, adding some pencil-drawn lines to the colourful chaos. Her charming characters always possess personal and symbolic details.