blaise and the castle of anne hiversère

  • author, illustrator: Claude Ponti
  • translator: Gita Grīnberga

isbn: 978-9934-533-84-6

size: 24.5x34 cm

quantity: 44 p.

year: 2017

price: 11.50 €

Blaise and his friends have only ten days left to bake a grand cake castle for Anne Hiversère’s birthday. It will be a magnificent cake like no other, and to make it they must travel far and wide, gathering chocolate from their Chocolate Mine, flour from the slopes of the Flour Mountain, and sugar from the Sea of Sugar.

Claude Ponti is a french author and illustrator, known for his humorous explorations of the surreal world of dreams, and “Blaise and the Castle of Anne Hiversère” is one of his best works. This huge book's illustrations are full of small details – one has to spend a lot of time studying each spread to explore all the hidden characters and witty twists. Same applies to text which is filled with clever wordplays and puns. Translating Claude Ponti's books is not an easy job for translator, but Gita Grīnberga has done it excellently, creating equally engaging text in Latvian. 

This translation was financed with the support of European Union, Latvian Ministry of Culture and The Institut français.