cat on vacation

  • Author: Inese Zandere
  • Illustrator: Aleksejs Naumovs

isbn: 978-9934-533-40-2

size: 230 x 270 mm

year: 2015

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The collection of fairy tales “Cat on Vacation” (“Kaķis brīvdienās”) is a wonderful collaboration between two artists much loved in Latvia – author Inese Zandere and illustrator Aleksejs Naumovs.

In the tales of Inese Zandere, the observations of daily events turn into games, tales and contemporary legends in an easy and effortless way, broadening the child’s horizons. The book can almost be seen as an exhibition with paintings of a small town and a metropolis with its suburbs, a sea wind blowing over the roofs and towers, summer houses, parks, a castle and an opera house – all these are the places where the 11 fairy tales of the collection are set.

Several of the stories will let the children get involved in a game. For example, the tale “What Did Mr Rooster Say” (“Ko teica Gaiļa kungs”) can be played by mimicking the voices of animals, while the story about the land of musical instruments can be sounded by children with the help everyday objects. In her fairy tales, Inese Zandere makes full use of the artistic opportunities offered by repetition, the ring structure, pastiche and the audial possibilities of the language.