catpeas and molecarls

  • author: Janis Baltvilks
  • illustrator: Anita Paegle

size: 180 x 140 mm

year: 2014

sold out

In this witty book there’s an unbelievably believable natural world created from ‘scientific’ descriptions of the nature, species invented by the author (catpeas, molecarls, moteturtles, cabbageplaices, oakwolves, etc.) as well as cunningly changed serious advise (teaching us how to grow candies or money) and the language itself also opens up with plenty of new geographical objects and a whole archipelago of Latvian islands.

The illustrator Anita Paegle has shown the incredible discoveries and observations of Jānis Baltvilks in a brightly red book so that everybody can recognise these rare species and look after them. This collection has been edited by Māris Rungulis.

The book was published thanks to the support of the Culture Capital Foundation.