creatures on the run

  • author: Mikołaj Łoziński
  • illustrator: Ewa Stiasny (Poland)
  • translator: Ingmāra Balode

isbn: 978-9984-820-33-0

size: 15,7 x 21 cm

quantity: 116 pages

year: 2011

first edition sold out

Each of the five fairytales deals with a different protagonist and features an exciting yet sometimes very sad story of running away and escaping. Karol the Turtle is jealous and feels abandoned when a computer mouse is brought home. A pampered bird in a posh cage naively believes in the ‘noble robbers’ who only want to help poor people – until he is stolen himself. A cocky adolescent fly that has fallen in love with a butterfly has to save her parents from death. A bacterium, so tiny that it can only be seen in a microscope, plans a break-out from the laboratory. The central element in these stories is relationships – between all living beings, between people and, most importantly, between children and grownups.