• author: Ulf Stark
  • illustrator: Linda Bondestam
  • translator: Uldis Bērziņš

isbn: 978-9984-820-45-3

size: 135 x 235

quantity: 40 pages

year: 2012

sold out

DICTATOR ("Diktatorn") deals with the tiny egotistic dictator that lives in every child and the little nursery dictator’s falling in love with a girl who does not want to be friend with him. The poems abound with kind irony which, however, does not turn against the child: the author shows both the little dictator’s sadness and the love and patience of the grownups. Once again, the magical power of love is the trump card of Ulf Stark’s children’s book, as it is with other work by the writer. It is love that eventually transforms the egotistic child into a person who cares about other people.
On the other hand, the sharp arrows of irony, both in the text and the illustrations, are turned against those of the adults who never outgrow their own childish dictator’s clothes and become real tyrants who make other people’s lives impossible. The illustrations by Linda Bondestam are a collage of touching childishness and scary historical and political motifs – balanced so perfectly that each spread of the book can become an interesting aesthetic experience for the child.

Interestingly, soon after the book was published by Söderströms, a Swedish-language Finnish publishing house, it also saw daylight in Belarus and is currently being translated for publication in Russia.