• author: Hardijs Lediņš
  • author: Juris Boiko
  • illustrator: Edmunds Jansons

isbn: 978-9934-533-53-2

size: 18,5 x 14,8 cm

quantity: 32 pages

year: 2016

price: 6.50 €

Hardijs Lediņš and Juris Boiko were widely known in Latvian underground culture in the 80s mostly for the music they released under the title "Nebijušu sajūtu restaurācijas darbnīca" ("Restoration Workshop of Unprecedent Feelings") - they were the pioneers of this kind of experimental/electronic music in Latvia.

The two avant garde artists did not restrict themselves exclusively to music - they also made performances, art and literary texts blurring the borders between different genres. The texts they wrote were not meant for children, though the children loved the absurd, playful and catchy phrases and sang along - many of the poems included in this collection are song lyrics, some written with the help of Juris' Boiko little daughter Līna. 

In the illustrations artist Edmunds Jansons has brought to life Hardijs Lediņš, unmistakable in his giant coat, but his faithful follower is a diver since all the poems in this collection has to do with water.