emma gloria and the red book of longing

  • design: Rūta Briede, Artis Briedis

isbn: 978-9984-820-80-4

size: 130 x 190 cm

quantity: 200 pages

year: 2013

price: 7,00 €

An emotional story ("Emma Gloria och den röda Längtansboken") for teenagers.

In her red book, the 14-year-old Emma Gloria who lives in Helsinki writes about the things she cannot share with anyone else: her dreams and fears. She has creates for herself a parallel world that reflects all the things that happen to her in real life. For quite a lengthy and painful time, the girl finds herself unable to bring the two worlds together and come to terms with reality.

Emma Gloria’s friend Sandor is a cello player; he goes to Paris to study music. As he leaves, he plants a fir-tree in the park as a sign of his faithfulness. He does not, however, write or call, finding that it would interfere with his music. Emma Gloria suffers from an endless headache.

She has quite ambivalent relationships with a friend who sometimes turns into an enemy; her piano teacher who upsets the girl with his demonstrations of affection; her mother, whose attempts to help she rejects and the therapist whom her mother gets her to see. And yet gradually, one step at a time, she approaches a point where the two worlds can become one, making it possible for Emma Gloria to find her inner balance.

The book is available both in blue and burgundy covers.