erica and her fears

  • Author and illustrator: Juris Petraškevičs

isbn: 978-9934-574-09-2

size: 210x280mm

quantity: 34 p.

year: 2018

price: 9.00 €

Erica lives together with her Fears in a little house with a garden. Sometimes she pays no attention to the Fears, sometimes she plays with them and sometimes pretends to be scared of them not to seem impolite. Still there is one Fear she doesn’t really like - it can grow so scary that Erica freezes with fright. When the thunderstorm comes, one Fear starts to grow and Erica is getting afraid it might become the one Fear that will freeze her.  It turns out to be the Fear that helps her run fast home for the safety. When the storm passes, the Fears shrinks back to a regular size. Looking in the puddles Erica starts to wonder - isn’t bravery just the upside-down reflection of a fear?















This poetic and empathetic book explores the way our emotions influence how we see the outside world. With bold colors, angles and perspectives Petraškevičs’ lets the reader feel all the emotions the main character Erica is feeling. At the same time “Erica and Her Fears” invites the reader to take a step back and contemplate about the different connections between emotions and how they constantly change us and the way we experience the world. This book is Petraškevičs’ debut as an author.


Juris Petraškevičs (1953) a painter and printmaker with a sense of creative freedom and artistic lightness, is one of the most authoritative figures in Latvian book design – a professor who has contributed to the formation of a whole new generation of book illustrators.