hayflower and quiltshoe

  • author: Sinikka and Tiina Nopola
  • illustrator: Markus Majaluoma
  • translator: Maima Grīnberga

isbn: 978-9984-820-36-1

size: 23,5 x 16,5 cm

quantity: 120 pages

year: 2011

first edition sold out

The Finnish writers – sisters Sinikka (1953) and Tiina (1955) Nopola wrote the book together, discussing it, arguing and creating witty dialogues. The series dedicated to the adventures of Strawhat and Slipper comprises 12 books; the stories have also been adapted for the screen, as well as staged at the theatre and opera.

Strawhat, the elder sister, is a reasonably well-behaved little girl; Slipper, on the other hand, is quite a wild child and the instigator of most of the pair’s mischief. As far as she is concerned, children shouldn’t necessarily stay home if they find it boring: there is no television and no pies; everything is ruled by science and environmentally friendly principles. The two sisters go out into the world and visit with the Misses Alibun, lively old ladies; make the acquaintance of the most famous boy and the fattest policeman in the village; find themselves in a bar and are even about to taste some beer!

When the adventure has finally reached a happy conclusion and the girls return home, they find out that their family is about to be joined by a new member – a little baby. Slipper is not happy about it. At night, she takes the baby to the police station so it would be declared a foundling… Will the girls grow fond of their little brother? And who will choose the name for the baby? Everyone has a different opinion in this family, and that is exactly what the book is about – getting along and making compromises!