how the shammies swapped/ how the shammies bathed

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • illustrator: Reinis Pētersons
  • animation by Atom Art Studio
  • director: Edmunds Jansons

isbn: 978-9984-820-38-5

size: 18,3 x 13,2 cm

quantity: 40 pages

year: 2011

first edition sold out

Shammies are four little curious beings called - Sockie, Mitten, Pillow and Hankie – who live in a colourful textile house. They already know how to play, but many exciting things are still to be discovered and learned: how to share their toys with others, how to behave at the table and how to take a bath. Luckily the dear, wise Mr. Cat is always around to help.

In How the Shammies Swapped, the first book of the series to be published, as the little protagonists are exchanging toys, they see Yarnball the dog, Button the baby and a huge tiger appear in their room. In the How the Shammies Bathed animated short, they take a bath, get scared of the bathroom Monster, make the acquaintance of Water and make up a song about bathing for the Cat.