how to conjure up snow

  • author: Ieva Samauska
  • illustrator: Laima Eglīte

isbn: 978-9984-9801-4-6

size: 16 x 24,5 cm

quantity: 78 pages

year: 2006

sold out

Poems and sophisticated drawings – lyrical everyday adventures in which events observed in real life borders on fairytale matters.

The book is aimed at preschoolers and youngest school-age children, to a considerable extent – also at their parents. The book reflects events observed during the times shared by young children and their parents; read in the company of Mum or Dad, it helps the readers get to know and understand themselves and look at their everyday life as an exciting adventure. The poems feature fantastic things like chestnut trees adorned with birthday candles, ant houses, lime-blossom fairies and mysterious little old ladies. Instead of the Michaelmas daisy, a Robertmas daisy blossoms unexpectedly; the redcurrant bush grows redKaren berries and aivarbugs can be heard humming in the evening (instead of maybugs).
A stage version of the book was produced at the Latvian National Theatre.