jill is ill and other hospital nursery rhymes

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • illustrator: Reinis Pētersons

isbn: 978-9984-820-46-0

size: 21 x 21

quantity: 32 pages

year: 2012

price: 8.50 €

The book, created in conjunction with the Children’s Hospital Foundation, offers a dose of positive ‘art therapy’: by looking at the pictures and reading or listening to the poems, young children can cope better with their fear of getting sick and medical treatments. It will encourage children and strengthen the emotional contact between the little patients, the parents and the doctors.
The book is comprised of 15 poems which, thematically starting with a child coming down with an illness, guide the reader through a sequence of quite upsetting medical tests, treatments, medication, plastering and even a surgical operation, while dealing with these situations in a sensitive and positive manner and focusing on the lighter and even funnier aspect of things – in the form of a child’s game. By the end of the book, the child is well again and, once back home, puts on his mum’s dressing gown and has some fun impersonating a wise doctor ‘treating’ his little sister.
The illustrations by Reinis Pētersons create a colourful and lively atmosphere, emphasising the element of play and humour in the poems. The hospital, as seen by the artist, is a place where life goes on, a place where there is room for some adventures and friendship.