kurt in four books

  • author: Erlend Loe
  • illustrator: Kim Hiorthøy
  • translator: Jolanta Pētersone

isbn: 978-9984-820-24-8

size: 15 x 23 cm

quantity: 400 pages

year: 2009

first edition sold out

Kurt is going to appeal to a wide range of readers, starting with preschoolers. The Kurt stories are an excellent proof that a good children’s book is always also a good book for grownups.

The single volume comprises four stories by the Norwegian writer Erlend Loe: Fish; Kurt Is Becoming Insufferable; Quo Vadis, Kurt? and Kurt Is Cooking to Rest his Head. All four, however, are dedicated to the same characters – Kurt the forklift driver and his family.

These funny and aptly written tales are rooted in very real everyday situations of the contemporary European life. They will help give some thought to many things (or we could say – problems) rarely or somewhat clumsily dealt with in Latvian books: money, politics, work and unemployment, work relationships, family roles, ‘us’ vs. ‘them’, etc. The book combines a happy flight of fancy with open and critical portrayal of the social reality.