my friend percy, buffalo bill and i

  • author: Ulf Stark
  • illustrations: Reinis Pētersons
  • translators: Anika Frīdenberga, Inese Dragūne, Inga Grezmane

isbn: 978-9984-820-40-8

size: 15 x 21 cm

quantity: 224 pages

year: 2011

first edition sold out

My Friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and I belongs to the Stureby series of stories inspired by Ulf Stark’s childhood events. In these stories, the world is depicted from a boy’s point of view. While the book, relating a story of summer holidays spent in the Swedish skerries, features lots of funny and amusing situations, it also speaks of yearning for love and the astonishing power of love. In Stark’s book, the power of love is both cosmic and comical at the same time; the writer tells the story of profound feelings in the language of an emotionally touching farce.

A person in love is prepared to do anything for their feelings to be reciprocated. Ulf is in love with Pia yet the girl does not even seem to notice the boy. In the same way, Ulf’s Grandfather has been in love with Grandmother since they were both young, and yet he has never been loved back in the way he has been longing for all of his life. In love, there is always one who loves more than the other – and the same goes for friendship as well. However, Ulf’s friend Percy whose presence Ulf initially finds so irritating is so selfless and intuitively wise that he quite unexpectedly comes up with clever solutions to help Ulf, Grandmother and Grandfather, as well as Blackie, the wild horse. In Sweden, My Friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and I was nominated for the 2004 August Prize.