oskar and the things

  • author: Andrus Kivirähk
  • illustrator: Anne Pikkov
  • translator: Maima Grīnberga

isbn: 978-9934-574-06-1

size: 150x235mm

quantity: p. 304

year: 2018

price: 15.00 €

Oskars has to spend summer holidays with his grandma in the countryside house. Naturally he is not too excited about this: everything here is strange or just plain boring, and on top of that Oskars has forgotten his mobile phone at home. To save himself from this horrible situation Oskars makes a wooden phone which allows him to talk to things. This brings back joy to his summer holidays and slowly he manages to find common language with his grandma. Over the course of this book Oskars creates a world where he feels wanted and included.

The famous Estonian writer Andrus Kivirähk is known for his ability to blend fantasy with reality, sadness with joy, poetry with adventures. This is a book about loneliness, alienation, longing and ways to overcome it. 

Kivirähk is the most beloved Estonian writer in Latvia and many of his books have been translated into Latvian and become great success thanks to the wonderful translator Maima Grīnberga and others.

This translation was financed with the support of European Union, the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, and Latvian Ministry of Culture.