pettson’s christmas visitors

  • author: Sven Nordqvist
  • illustrator: Sven Nordqvist
  • translator: Mudīte Treimane

isbn: 978-9984-820-44-6

size: 21,5 x 30,5

quantity: 28 pages

year: 2012

price: 5,50 €

Just before Christmas, Pettson unfortunately happens to hurt his leg; he finds himself unable to get to the shop and buy something yummy for the festive meal or bring home a Christmas tree from the forest. The two friends, however, do not despair: Pettson can make his own Christmas tree, and Findus knows how to make Christmas decorations from whatever is lying about the house. They even come up with a present or two; they just need to be wrapped up prettily. And yet their Christmas Eve would have been quite miserable without any festive treats if it was not for some unexpected Christmas visitors who turn up at their house much to the surprise of Pettson and Findus…

"Pettson får julbesök"