ready or not, here i come!

  • author and illustrator: Līva Ozola

isbn: 978-9934-574-20-7

size: 245 x 245 mm

year: 2019

price: 12.00 €

A little girl is playing hide-and-seek with her dad. She goes all around the house looking for him. She stops in front of every closed door and listens very carefully to hear if her dad might be hiding behind it. The peculiar sounds she hears create imaginary captivating worlds full of bizarre creatures and things in her mind. The only door she opens is the one she hears her dad snoring behind because he had fallen asleep while he was hiding. The little girl climbs in the closet and falls asleep next to her dad.



Hide-and-seek is a game children probably love to play no matter where they live in the world. Imagination plays an active part in figuring out just the right hiding place and also knowing where to look when the time comes to be the one who goes searching. 

The principle of the lift-the-flap has been used in the book, allowing the reader to imagine what will be revealed when the doors will be opened. The story is  enriched by rhymes, which are useful when starting to play hide-and-seek.

The relatively large size of the book will make it possible to fully experience the world of imagination of the main character, Vilma, where there are many things that have come from the everyday reality of the apartment.



Līva Ozola (1991) completed her studies with distinction at the Art Academy of Latvia Department of Graphic Art and quickly made a name for herself in the world of illustration: in 2018, she created illustrations for three books. Līva has a finely-tuned and sensitive view of the world, which she expresses in her visual language using her rich imagination.



Beijing International Book Fair Ananas Illustration Award Jury’s Grand Prize for illustrations.