riding high

  • Author: Inese Zandere
  • Illustrator: Anna Vaivare

isbn: 978-9934-533-94-5

size: 200 x 230

quantity: 32 lpp

year: 2017

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This imaginative picture book tells a story of a boy learning to play a piano. One may think it is a long and boring journey, but it turns out to be the most exciting adventure in the world, because the little boy’s fantasy is wild like a horse.

In this fun and poetic picture book writer Inese Zandere compares learning to play a piano with learning to ride a horse, because both melody and horse can be slow and steady, wild and galloping, unpredictable and maybe even hungry. It is not easy to learn all the difficult chords and scales same as it is not easy to train a wild horse - especially if one hasn’t yet learned how to properly get on it’s back. It is quite possible that in this loud learning process some neighbours may get mad.

Inese Zandere writes poetry that children read, sing and memorise: it is musical and cheerful, yet serious and philosophical at the same time. She is also a well known fairytale author and one of the most important figures in Latvian nowadays children literature. Inese Zandere is the mains editor of Liels un mazs.

Young Anna Vaivare is both architect and illustrator - she has regularly contributed in the comic anthology “š!” and has already received the most prominent award in Latvian children’s book art - the International Jānis Baltvilks Prize. Her colourful acrylic illustrations are full of life, movement and joy - they welcome children in a world where anything is possible.