sailor on dry land

  • author: Rafael Alberti
  • illustrator: Gita Treice
  • translator: Leons Briedis

isbn: 9789984820729

size: 14,5 x 20 cm

quantity: 79 pages

year: 2013

price: 4.30 €

Published in 1924, ‘Marinero en tierra’ (‘Sailor on Dry Land’), the legendary first collection of poems by Rafael Alberti (1901–1999), won the National Prize for Spanish Literature. Written by the author as a very young man, aged 17, the poems are steeped in his childhood memories.

Born on the shores of the Atlantic’s Bay of Cádiz that once saw Columbus board his ship and set out for the New World, the boy grew up with the sea, and the sea lived in his poetry for the rest of his life.

According to the translator Leons Briedis, Alberti’s little dry-land sailor, hopping the waves of the open sea or hoping to dive the deep waters to visit the ‘little gardener of the underwater gardens’, is akin to the Latvian writer Sudrabu Edžus’ Daft Dauka who dreamt of reaching the horizon.