samson and roberto

  • author: Ingvar Ambjørnsen
  • illustrator: Per Dybvig
  • translator: Jolanta Pētersone

isbn: ISBN 978-9984-820-79-8

size: 155 x 215 cm

quantity: 304 pages

year: 2013

sold out

Three exciting adventure and humour-packed stories about Samson the dog and Roberto the cat who run a tiny fjord-front boarding house ("Arven etter onkel Rin-Tin-Tei", "Krakilske kamerater", "Pater Pietros hemmelighet").

Initially the atmosphere is somewhat uneasy at the boarding house: there is a ghost roaming around; however, the pair’s friendly neighbours come to their aid. Soon enough the first boarders arrive: a Scottish poet, Gregor the mole, who has dug a tunnel from the other side of the North Sea; the incredibly cantankerous turkey frøken Krilleberg; even a famous raven punk rock band and a millionaire tuna fish make their appearances.

Every now and then, the residents of the boarding house have to take on the roles of ingenious inventors or even real detectives to uncover mysteries and avoid unpleasant situations…

The Norwegian author Ingvar Ambjørnsen (1956) writes both for children and adults. He found international fame with four books whose protagonist’s name is Elling; the screen version of one of the tetralogy’s novels, the eponymously-entitled film ‘Elling’, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2001.