sirli, siim and the secrets

  • author: Andrus Kivirähk
  • illustrator: Ilmar Trull
  • translator: Maima Grīnberga

isbn: 978-9984-820-20-0

size: 14 x 20,5 cm

quantity: 200 pages

year: 2009

first edition sold out

Since 1999, the book has been re-issued repeatedly in the writer’s native Estonia; there has been readings on the radio; a CD has been released: it can be safely said now that the book is known to every child.
Fourth-grader Sirli and preschooler Siim are ordinary children who live with their ordinary parents in a completely ordinary house; and yet everyone in this family has his or her own dream world, as necessary to them as their everyday life. Siim has an under-the-bed land where he is a powerful wizard; Sirli uses the lift to visit her ballerina friends in Cloudland; Mum only has to enter a thicket of alder to find herself in her own kingdom where her childhood toys are waiting for her, while the somewhat clumsy Dad, who normally only watches sports on the TV, turns into the worlds best sportsman if he gets out of the car through the back door. The janitor of their building has become so attached to his dream that he is now living under the water; only the writer Mr Sheep has been neglecting his own personal dream – and that turns out to be very dangerous.