snowwhite and pitchblack

  • author: Hili Rand
  • illustrator: Catherine Zarip
  • translator: Maima Grīnberga

isbn: 978-9934-533-98-3

size: 21x21cm

quantity: 27 p.

year: 2018

sold out

Snowwhite and pitchblack or Amadeus and Ludwig are two cats. The story opens with their owners (who curiously happen to be musicians) going on a year long tour. Both cats decide to stay behind and look after the house. They follow a clear daily routine doing certain things at certain times. There is a clock hidden in every spread of the book so the little child can learn how to tell time.

The book was written by Estonian author Hili Rand and translated by Maima Grīnberga. Illustrator Catherine Zarip is well known in Estonia because of her knack for experimenting with different textures and creating wondefully surreal and poetic worlds.

This book is included in European cooperation project “Our Little Library: Let's meet children's authors and illustrators”, which aims to engage children in reading and different creative fields, and brings closer 6 publishing houses from 6 European countries.
This translation was financed with the support of European Union and Latvian Ministry of Culture.