stars and poppy seeds

  • author, illustrator: Романишин Романa
  • author, illustrator: Андрій Лесів
  • translator: Māris Salējs

isbn: 9789934533686

size: 200 x 220 mm

quantity: 32 pages

year: 2016

price: 6.50 €

This picture book (Зірки і макові зернята) tells about one day in little Dora's life. Her parents are famous mathematicians, therefore numbers are as common to Dora as birds and trees. Dora loves to count everything - dandelions, bricks, ants, letters and buttons. Will there be enough numbers to count the stars too?

In year 2014 this Ukrainian book recieved the prestigious Bologna Ragazzi Award and since them has been translated into many languages including English, Spanish, Korean, Franch and others.

This book encourages children to learn more about the world around them and not to be afraid of anything.