staying safe

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • illustrator: Reinis Pētersons

isbn: 978-9934-574-26-9

size: 21x21 cm

quantity: p. 48

year: 2019

price: 8.50 €

The collection of poems devoted to children's safety, traumas and dangerous everyday situations one could learn from. There are Bad Fairy and Good Fairy, who believes that children can escape danger. The purpose of the poems is not to give children and parents a lecture on safety, but to create vivid images and memorable lines that affect the child's emotional and associative memory.

This poetry collection is written with the Odyssey in mind where monsters look on as children avoid treacherous traps and the wickedness of wizards, in the end making it home safe and sound and bringing their parents the only gift they care about – having them home again. Who are these monsters? They are various very common traumas that children need to learn to avoid.


Inese Zandere (1958) writes poetry that children read, memorise, sing, and remember. Her work is musical and cheerful, but quite serious and philosophical at the same time. Recently, she has turned to writing fairy tales and other stories for children increasingly often. Inese Zandere is the main editor of Liels un mazs.


Reinis Pētersons (1981) is as fast and brilliant as a rocket: having made his debut in 2007, he was nominated for ALMA by 2012, making several outstanding animation films in the meantime. There is a strong backbone to his aesthetics that brings balance to the great diversity of his techniques: pencil and coal drawing, multi-coloured computer graphics, and fabric appliqué.