tango and tootie go visiting

  • author: Māra Zālīte
  • illustrator: Oskars Veilands-Kustikovs

isbn: 978-9984-820-34-7

size: 19 x 24,5 cm

quantity: 60 pages

year: 2011

price: 9.00 €

Tango and Tootie whose characters were copied by the writer from her own dogs, are two children, albeit four-legged ones.

They plan a nice trip to visit their aunt who makes delicious fried meatballs: the two little dogs will eat ice-cream during their train ride and watch the passing scenery from the window. However, the train leaves with only the sister aboard and the kind-hearted St Bernard has to overcome all sorts of dangers and find his own way to the village where his Aunt lives – and its name seems to have slipped his mind. Was it Bigauņciems? Abragciems? Ķesterciems? Bērzciems? Apšuciems? He only knows that it is a seaside village – but then they all are…

Meanwhile, Tootie has her own battles to fight: it turns out that the well-mannered and good-natured dog has polished off the whole dish of meatballs, and there is nothing left for her brother. There is only one thing to do: put on the big apron and help Aunt cook some new ones.

The book is an excellent opportunity of memorising the names of fishing villages lining the coast of the Gulf of Riga while following the dog’s adventures and encounters with residents of the various locations, the names of which are transformed into witty linguistic adventures.