teacher jaap can do it all

  • author: Jacques Vriens
  • illustrator: Edmunds Jansons
  • translator: Inese Paklone

isbn: 978-9984-820-14-9

size: 24,5 x 15,5 cm

quantity: 156 pages

year: 2009

price: 10.00 €

Stories about school life in the Netherlands – a collection of stories by the Dutch writer Jacques Vriens, compiled by the translator Inese Paklone.

Jaap, the new homeroom teacher of the third grade, also the protagonist of the book, is a bit strange; some say – even crazy. And yet the reader soon realises that Jaap is a very honest, human and wise teacher who has a great understanding with children. Jaap has a knack for solving difficult problems in the most unusual ways, earning the children’s trust. The little stories avoid neither jokes nor tears and deals with significant communication and tolerance problems.

Based on the book, Teacher Jaap and the Class, a dramatic production, was staged at the New Riga Theatre. The artist won the Jānis Baltvilks prize for his illustrations to the book; the translator was awarded the Infinite Copyright Prize.