that's the way our things go

  • author: Anti Saar
  • illustrator: Alvir Jaakson

isbn: 978-9934-533-82-2

size: 169 x 230 mm

quantity: 133 pages

year: 2017

price: 9.00 €

The main character of the book is little Vasels with his somewhat bohemian family - mummy, dad and his younger brother Jonass who is only "half past two". Vasels shows and tells us how they read, write, and draw, play, eat, tell horror stories, argue, wait for dwarfs, drive a car, play football, welcome guests and forget many things. Anyone can compare the everyday life of Vasel's family with his own; besides it will be interesting for both children and grown-ups.

From the point of view of Vasels the naivety and egocentrism of a child is joined with sensitivity and love for his family; it is real and at the same time interwoven with fantasy. The boy is trying to understand and interpret what is going on, to find the right words; while telling he also explores how the language works and how to use it to express his thoughts. For instance, things do not walk and do not go anywhere, yet Vasels has heard grown-ups talking like that and the wrong expression provokes his imagination.

The style of Anti Saar is understandable for children, dynamic and humorous. The illustrations of Estonian artist Alvar Jaakson rouse child's fantasy. The playful, witty style of Alvar Jaakson is well-known from the edition "Children's book" by Peter Sauter (liels un mazs, 2007, in Latvian). 

The publishing of the book is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation of Estonia.