the 2012 verse calendar: dream up your own car!

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • illustrator: Rūta Briede, Artis Briedis

isbn: 978-9984-820-37-8

size: 24 x 42 cm

quantity: 16 pages

year: 2011

sold out

The cycle of poems and drawings published as a calendar is centred on the enthusiasm so many children take in cars, their ability to see them in a very personal way, almost like living beings, their inexhaustible appetite for car rides and conjure up in their imagination unique vehicles unlike anyone else’s.

The dreamed-up New Year Car can skate; the huge red fire engine rushes through a blizzard to save a tiny redbreast; the garbage truck is a knight fighting the Rubbish Dragon at the annual big Spring Cleaning Bee; the lightning-fast racing cars compete in sprouting and blooming; the hard-working John the Tractor is prepared to furrow the field of clouds to please the skylarks and the horned motorbike adorns itself with a Midsummer flower wreath.