the adventures of the itsy-bitsies

  • Author: Ieva Samauska
  • Illustrator: Anete Bajāre-Babčuka

isbn: 978-9934-574-18-4

size: 160x200mm

quantity: 40 p.

year: 2018

price: 7.50 €

This colourful picture book follows the adventures of an itsy-bitsy family: they live in a world just like ours, it’s just that they are very tiny, thus everything seems much bigger to them and is both more exciting and dangerous. The itsy-bitsies run from a spider, do gardening, learn dancing from a flea and the clock’s hour and minute hands are like a proper amusement park for them. Though the simplest and the most curious question is also the one that stays unanswered: who are they and how did they come to be?



Ieva Samauska (1969) is a Latvian journalist, poet and author. Her first book was published in 2004. Her works have earned her several literary prizes and nominations. Her book “Kā uzburt sniegu” (How to Summon Snow) was adapted for theatre in 2007. In 2015, Ieva Samauska received the prestigious Pastariņš Prize, and her works have been increasingly gaining popularity both among readers and literary critics. Her book of poetry “The Noisy Classroom” has been translated in English.

Anete Bajāre-Babčuka is one of the most promising illustrators of the younger generation. She has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Art, worked with the children’s publishing house “Liels un mazs” and created illustrations for several books. In her illustrations she creates hushed yet intimate worlds that reflect the emotions and thoughts of characters, bringing readers closer to the text.