the love of dominic the horse. apple tales

  • author: Vytautas V.landsbergis
  • illustrator: Ilze Abika
  • translator: Jānis Elsbergs

isbn: 978-9984-820-53-8

size: 16,5 x 21

quantity: 244 pages

year: 2012

price: 4.10 €

In the APPLE TALES cycle ("Arklio Dominyko meilę. Obuolių pasakos") (1999), Antanas and Petras, two apples from the Apple-Tree Village, live in a world full of strange things in which seemingly incompatible times and scales co-exist. The protagonists do not lose their personality even as they turn into juice, wine, compote or compost. Alongside apples, a number of other vivid and wonderful characters travel in this unusual world. The general mood of the cycle is reminiscent of the genre of ‘fairytales of lies’ well known in folklore. The end of the world arrives, and yet a single apple seed hidden in roe deer droppings survives even that – and the whole things starts again from the very beginning, from Adam and Eve.
The protagonist of the LOVE OF DOMINIC THE HORSE fairytale (2004) is a wild horse who plays with frogs in the meadow and falls in love with a capricious cornflower. When winter comes, the horse hides the flower under a stone to protect from cold and travels to Africa to look for the cornflower’s relatives. During the long trip, Dominic meets different animals and learns their stories. As spring arrives, Dominic returns to Lithuania where his cornflower grows a shoot. The horse calls it the Cornflower of Longing in honour of his flower’s birthday. The fairytale is permeated with the themes of love, mutual care and the cyclic course of the world which is obviously very close to Landsbergis.