the mountain of five sheep

  • author: Heli Laaksonen
  • illustrator: Elina Warsta
  • translator: Guntars Godiņš

isbn: 9789934-533-44-0

size: 16,5 x 25 cm

quantity: 90 pages

year: 2015

price: 9.00 €

Heli Laaksonen is a beloved poet not only in Finland, but in Latvia as well. This is the second Heli's book in Latvian, the first one was a poem collection for adults. Heli Laaksonen's witty and wise poems were originally ment for Finnish children to learn alphabet, but in the wonderful translation of Guntarš Godiņš they are now available for Latvian children to learn more about dialects. 

The main characters of this book are animals, but their actions are curiously similar to people - they fight, make friends, study, do sports, write complaints and eat pizza. 

Author and translator were awarded with the International Baltic Sea Region Jānis Baltvilks Prize in the Children's Literature and Book Art 2016 by Latvian Section of IBBY.