the school of living wrong

  • author: Maira Dobele
  • illustrator: Anete Melece

isbn: 978-9984-820-13-2

size: 17,5 x 23,5 cm

quantity: 112 pages

year: 2008

sold ut

The book comprises nine stories dealing with the tiny daily catastrophy-filled life of a teenage girl named Mētra and her road to getting to know herself. Mētra lives in the real world, in a real environment. This is not a book of imaginary problems and pink princesses – rather a story of life in the Latvian countryside. A significant role in Mētra’s life is played by the relationship with her mother, forged in a situation when the girl has lost her father, by friendship and the need to express herself among her peers, an adolescent’s critical opinion of the people around her, discovering her sexuality and the first stormy romantic feelings. The surface of Mētra’s life – good marks and a status of an absolutely normal girl at school – hides a much more complex character fighting an intense inner battle.

This book brought its author the Annual Prize for Literature of the Writers’ Union of Latvia.

The illustrator of the book was awarded Diploma of the Tallinn Illustration Triennial.