waffle hearts

  • author: Maria Parr
  • illustrator: Bo Gaustad
  • translator: Jolanta Pētersone

isbn: 9789934533709

size: 148x210 mm

quantity: 197 pages

year: 2016

price: 9.00 €

"Waffle Hearts" tells a story about two nine-year-olds' (who also happen to be best friends) summer adventures in a Norway countryside – it is a fun read  as the two friends keep making new mischief.  

Maria Parr has created a wonderful world for children - one that is very exciting, yet not necesserily esay to live in. Careless joy is followed by deep sorrow as children discover the world around them. 

Maria Parra (1981) made her debut in literature in year 2005. The distinct mood of Scandinavian literature is very present in her books - bravery, friendship and fantasy. No wonder she has been compared to Astrid Lindgren. This book has recieved countless awards in different countries, and in year 2011 it was transformed into a Norwegian tv-show.