whale's vote

  • Author: Lauris Gundars
  • Illustrator: Anete Melece

isbn: 9-789934-574122

size: 165x210mm

quantity: 63 p.

year: 2018

price: 7.50 €

This book is about Whale and Buzzfly – these are  nicknames the grandfather and the granddaughter have given to each other. Tomorrow is the election day and Buzzfly is concerned that her parents don’t take this event seriously enough. She locks the family inside their apartment and throws the only key out of the window. Now her parents have to vote for the one to solve this difficult situation and put their trust into the other like in a real government. Thrilling and dangerous events unfold as they try to get back the key and some important lessons are learned on the way.















This is the second book in series. The first one “Hello, Whale!” got the prestigious International Baltic Sea Region Jānis Baltvilks Prize in Children’s Literature 2017 and has already been translated to German and Russian. In “Whale’s vote” the author keeps exploring important and difficult social topics, yet he has the rare ability to explain things in simple words and create adventurous plots.















Lauris Gundars (1958) A playwright, director, and the teacher of an entire generation of young playwrights, Lauris Gundars has energised the world of children’s literature since his appearance on the scene. The main character of his prose is a wise, just, and determined child who can break stereotypes about the roles of different generations in a society and awaken feelings of both courage and responsibility in adults.

Anete Melece (1983) works in Latvia and Switzerland in graphic art and animation. She is a witty observer of tiny mundane details, daringly offering literature her own parallel visual narrative.