what mr.rooster told

  • author: Inese Zandere
  • illustrator: Ilze Vītoliņa

isbn: 978-9984-820-06-4

size: 25,5 x 29,5 cm

quantity: 56 pages

year: 2007

first edition sold out

A happy and vibrant picture book for preschoolers complete with paper dolls and a dictionary of the animal language.

Mr Rooster owns a little shop; his customers include Mrs Sheep, Mrs Pig and her piglets and the shy Miss Goose who is looking to buy a wedding dress.

Children can not only read the fairytale, look at the cheerful and lively pictures by Ilze Vītoliņa, but also play this fairytale as a forfeit game, explore the concise dictionary to learn how animals speak in other countries and organise a splendid wedding for Miss Goose and Mr Cat. The book comes with a selection of cut-out paper doll type pictures of the main characters, and every reader can dress up the bride and the wedding guests according to their own liking. Children can write an invitation, learn Mr Rooster’s congratulatory song, written by Margo (Margita Zālīte), play funny piglet games and draw a picture of themselves in the big wedding picture. The book is very much like a small colourful theatre.