when findus was little and disappeared

  • author: Sven Nordquist
  • illustrations by the author
  • translator: Mudīte Treimane

isbn: 978-9984-820-25-5

size: 21,5 x 30,5 cm

quantity: 28 pages

year: 2010

first edition sold out

A heartfelt story of an old man named Pettson and his little cat Findus.

The lonely Pettson who tries in vain to sustain an intellectual conversation with his chickens is presented by a neighbour with a kitten in a cardboard box that used to contain pea tins.

Pettson’s hopes come true: the kitten actually learns to talk and becomes his permanent companion. When the curious Findus finally musters the courage to explore the world outside Pettson’s house, the little cat initially finds this experience very scary. Eventually he finds out that the world is not such a terrifying place after all and it is inhabited by many creatures who are happy to help him.