white bear's cooking adventures

  • Author: Uldis Daugaviņš
  • Illustrator: Māra Viška
  • Chef: Mārtiņš Sirmais

isbn: 978-9934-533-81-5

size: 230 x 270 mm

year: 2017

price: 12.00 €

The six-pawed White Bear lives in the bear village next to the North Pole. His father is a philosopher and his mother is the pancake princess. White bear hasn't yet found his calling. One day White bear falls asleep on a piece of ice and starts sailing around the world. In his journey White bear visits many interesting places (such as the whirpooling island and boy's village) and meets many people and other curious creatures (Orangies – tiny people who eat only carrots).

All of White Bears adventures have something to do with food – when White Bear finally returns home he has learned his true calling – to be a cook. He opens a restaurant in his village and the six paws are very useful to prepare all the dishes right on time.

The book has 8 chapters and 16 recipes – 2 for each chapter. The recipes are closely tied to the White Bears many adventures and are made by the most famous Latvian chef Mārtiņš Sirmais. The idea of this book is to introduce children to the culinary art and to encourage creative attitude towards life in general. The recipes are very simple and written in a fun way so that children could make them together with their parents.

Illustrator Māra Viška got the idea for this book when she noticed that her children don't like the boring adult food – they want food that has a story behind it. Her illustrations are sweet and playful.

Mārtiņš Sirmais is the most famous Latvian chef – in his TV show he travels around the world to explore local dishes of different cultures. He has a good sense of humor which is why a huge part of his TV show's audience are children.