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prizes and awards won by the liels un mazs publishing house

TOP 100

The 2006 survey by the Ministry of Culture, aimed at compiling a list of 100 top Latvian literary works (spanning the time from the origins of national literature to the present) that, in the reading public’s mind, would reflect the ‘gold standard of Latvian literature’, included innies and outies by Inese Zandere along with nine other children’s books (by A.Brigadere, J.Grīziņš, J.Jaunsudrabiņš, K.Skalbe, J.Poruks, Valdis, A.Sakse, I.Ziedonis) long since considered as classical pieces of Latvian literature.

LBF International Excellence Awards (The London book fair)

  • nominated (2018)

BOP The Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher of the Year (Bologna Children's book fair)

  • nominated (2018)

International Baltic Sea Region Jāņa Balvilka Prize in Childrens Literature and Book Art:

In the National Zelta ābele (Golden Apple-Tree) Book Art Competition:

The Chocolate Owl and Chocolate Book Prizes of the Children’s Jury:

The IBBY List of Honour:

The Annual Diena Newspaper Award for Culture:

The Annual Prize for Literature of the Writers’ Union of Latvia:

The Tallinn International Illustration Triennial:

Awards from the Ministry of Culture of Latvia: