about publishing house

liels un mazs (big and small) is a children’s literature publishing house with principles

  •  We develop Latvian children’s literature and book art and publish good translations.
  •  Our speciality is paying big attention to literature for small readers.
  •  We do not cultivate a single specific trend, aiming to expand the territory of well-developed literary and visual taste.
  •  We learn to want something new and create ripples in the surrounding milieu of children’s literature and book art, theatre, animation and music.
  •  Readers cannot learn to want something that has never been offered to them.
  •  Our job is to provide opportunity, alternative, choice and movement.
  •  We work to expand the range of literary perception with audio books, animation, music, multi-media projects, theatre performances, games and book festivals.
  •  We involve patrons and sponsors in the process of book publishing, guaranteeing available prices for books of fine quality.

The publishing house was founded in 2004.