liels un mazs in the press 

What makes the liels un mazs publications stand out among the traditional range of children’s literature (also growing more colourful both design- and content-wise), it seems, is serious and honest attitude of the ‘big ones’ toward the ‘small ones’.

                                                                                                  The Kultūras Forums Newspaper


It’s a great satisfaction that liels un mazs have been faithful to their promise to create each book in a style of its own, commissioning the design from very diverse talented artists. After all, it is important to demonstrate to the child who will be holding the book in its hands that things can be done in different and beautiful ways.

The Kultūras Diena Supplement to the Diena Newspaper


Not  wanting to cast the Latvian original children’s literature in the role of the poor relation, liels un mazs publish visually and conceptually wise books for children, sustaining diversity – because diversity increases the will to live.        

The Dizaina Studija Magazine


It has to be emphasised that a beautiful book of high polygraphic quality costs almost half the price of [a book] published without additional funding. The fact gives hope that the book will actually reach the readers it is aimed at.

The Kultūras Diena Supplement to the Diena Newspaper